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Today, all industries including government agencies, utilities and even schools fall prey to crippling Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. However, organizations that suffer the greatest losses are those that rely on the internet to transact business.

And the DDoS problem is growing. The average DDoS attack size has increased 16-fold since 2012. The attack methodologies have changed, with DDoS perpetrators altering tactics to intensify attack sizes in turn allowing them to operate more stealthily.

DDoS attacks may hurt your organization in many different ways: loss of revenue; loss of customer confidence (“If they can’t even protect their website how can they take care of my needs?”); loss of partner support; loss of visibility; and sometimes loss of internet access for your internal users.

That’s why so many businesses use the Defense.Net cloud to protect their Internet Assets. Our team has successfully defended customers against thousands of DDoS attacks over the last 10 years. Regardless of the size of your business and day-to-day traffic volume, Defense.Net’s massive cloud based DDoS protection service offers the scale, experience and expertise to protect even those very large organizations from the huge attacks being mounted by political hacktivists backed by foreign governments. Trust us to keep you online. Your business and your reputation matter to us.

How DDOS Threats Have Changed In The Last Eighteen Months

DDoS attacks have changed dramatically in the last 18 months. It used to be that most of the attacks came from extortionists, from disgruntled former employees, and from teenagers. All those attackers are still out there but the change has been that DDoS has become a tool of hacktivism. Political actors want to make a point and they want to do it by shutting down your website, or shutting down your email service, or shutting down your internet access. Some of these hacktivists are independently motivated, and some are backed by foreign governments. Either way, they’ve developed new techniques which inflict tremendous damage. In the past, such attacks occurred when an an attacker used a botnet of a hundred thousand compromised PCs, all simultaneously sending traffic targeted at a particular site. That still happens. It happens a lot. In fact, you can rent those botnets for $7 an hour. But the big attacks lately have come from collections of servers, a few thousand commercial servers that have been compromised for the purpose of executing this attack. And those servers are just more effective because firstly, they have big iron in them so that they can deliver a lot of packets fast, and secondly, they’re connected to very high bandwidth connections – 10-gigabit-per-second connections and maybe several of those connections.

As a result, the big attacks which used to be a gig or a few hundred megabits per second, averaged 49 gigabits per second during the latter part of 2013, which is the same as streaming 24,000 Netflix films all at your site at one moment. So those of you who have tried Netflix on your home computer understand it stalls out once in a while running just one instance. Run 24,000, and the system melts. In the news, the largest attack on individual targets has run about 120-130 gigabits per second. Moreover, that happened simultaneously with a couple of other attacks so that the attacker was putting out between 160 and 190 gigabits per second of attack traffic at three different sites. There’s been one report of a 300 gigabit attack, and whereas many people are skeptical about that size, there was clearly a large attack involving SpamHaus.

What we know is that these attacks are going to get larger and more sophisticated because the tools are leaking out into the general environment and pretty soon almost everybody will be able to launch a huge attack against almost anybody.

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“We chose Defense.Net because of the breakthrough new technology and their ability to provide DDoS mitigation without the damaging side effects of legacy mitigation solutions.” – LiveJournal

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“We pride ourselves on having the most innovative and broadest range of network connectivity solutions.”



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The Solution: Defense.Net DDoS Frontline

DDoS Frontline is the first line of defense to protect you from even the most aggressive DDoS attack that could otherwise threaten to put you out of business. We’ve built a truly massive cloud based DDoS mitigation service. We absorb even the largest DDoS attacks. We take the bad attack traffic, scrub it and send only the legitimate traffic through to your website. We offer 10 times the bandwidth per customer compared to the rest of the market. We have very large, very new, fully redundant data centers featuring the latest equipment and tools we have engineered specifically to deal with the type of attacks we’ve seen develop over the last year. We have a dedicated team of people who have been fighting DDoS for the past decade who operate our scrubbing centers and defend customers just like you in the most difficult of circumstances. Trust us to keep you online. Your business and your reputation matter to us.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Defense.Net DDoS Frontline

1. Fastest Time To Mitigation:

DefenseCommence™ - You have just one wish when under attack, and that is “Stop the attack, Now!”. A decade of experience provisioning new customers led to the development of our unique onboarding process for new customers. From “click-through” license agreements, to an automated online customer portal in which you enter the information we need, each stage in the process is designed to get you under protection fast. And all the time, the DDoS Advisor assigned to your account is there to walk you through the process and save time at every turn.

DefenseActioner™ - The speed continues within the solution. Our proprietary DefenseActioner™ technology intercepts each packet of traffic, determines if it is likely good or bad, and automatically routes it to the most appropriate of our several hundred different mitigation solutions. We refer to range of potential threats and traffic types as the Defense.Net Traffic Spectrum™. Within the DefenseD™ network we break the multi-layer attacks into their components for more thorough mitigation via the only systems specifically designed to mitigate each attack vector: White List, Black List, SYN Traffic (including SYN Flood attacks), Connection Accumulation Traffic, Layer 7 Traffic, DNS Traffic (including DNS Reflection attacks), etc. Legacy DDoS solutions have a “one box does all” approach that cannot get to the level of detail or scalability required for the new generation of DDoS attacks.

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2. Best Scrubbing Technologies

Our proprietary scrubbing technologies are automatically deployed when the DefenseActioner™ determines the threat vector. This automatic routing saves valuable time compared to inferior alternatives that wait for a human to analyze the traffic. DefenseActioner™ routes the traffic to one of our proprietary technologies such as Defense.Net SYN Assure™ which is a new technique for mitigating SYN Flood attacks that detects suspect SYN requests and conducts further analysis before blocking. This approach prevents the common problem with legacy DDoS technology that blocks legitimate traffic.

3. Most Flexible & Innovative Ways to Return the Clean Traffic to your Customers

We pride ourselves on having the most innovative and broadest range of network connectivity solutions. Defense.Net IP Reflection™ is a patent-pending artifact-free technology that delivers clean traffic back to the organization under attack. The returned traffic is identical to traffic coming from the original visitor which ensures normal delivery and eliminates false fraud alerts. This unique asymmetric approach requires only inbound traffic to be inspected and thus needs only a fraction of the bandwidth (less than one-eighth) of legacy symmetric DDoS mitigation technology. This asymmetric approach also reduces the latency generated by legacy DDoS mitigation. Alternatively, depending on your needs we can deploy GRE tunnels or use our advanced DNS Proxy Anycast solution, or direct connect to fiber bundles in your datacenter.  We even have the most advanced AWS based solution if you host with Amazon.

4. Unparalleled Visibility Before, During and After a DDoS Attack

Defense.Net AttackView™ is a proprietary customer portal engineered to instantly provide the detailed information customers really want (and seldom get) during initial provisioning, and then during and after a DDoS attack. A major complaint with traditional DDoS vendors, is the lack of transparency. The typical grievance we hear is that it takes too long to get information on a current attack, and even after the attack, the post mortem lacks sufficient detail to analyze what happened. Customers want to know a lot more information than the size of the attack. They want to understand where the attack appeared to be coming from, what types of traffic was used in the attack, what mitigations we performed, and what the impact of each mitigation was on the attack. They also want to know how the attack changed to respond to our defenses and what adaptive mitigations we employed as the attack evolved.  We often hear that vendors provide no attack information at all, taking a secretive Black Box approach.  AttackView™ lets you see the summary data that our SOC sees about your attack as the attack occurs. AttackView™ breaks each attack into a unique timeline ‘Story’ and contains information on attack type, source and size and also the mitigation techniques utilized. Each Story can be expanded and you can dig as deep as you want to get to the low level attack data. Designed with a secure multi-tenant architecture, each customer is given secure remote access to only their network and attack data.

Defense.net DDos AttackView™

5. The Biggest & Highest Quality Network

We have 10 times the network bandwidth per customer of any other DDoS mitigation solution on the market today. And we need that massive bandwidth to be able to stop DDoS attacks measured in hundreds of Gigabits per second. Moreover, all our bandwidth is provided directly to us the by World’s most trusted Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers. Other solutions rely on ‘peering’ arrangements, which is essentially free or bartered bandwidth. The challenge with relying on ‘borrowed’ bandwidth, is that there is no guarantee that the bandwidth will actually be there on the day and time you need it.

6. Defense.Net’s DDoS All Star Team

In addition to the new technology featured in Defense.Net DDoS Frontline, the solution also includes the Defense.Net ‘Zero Day Team’. This team includes the best and brightest DDoS mitigation experts and network operators in the world, including veterans of Prolexic, Verisign, BitGravity, Juniper, Box.net and Apple’s security team. Defense.Net founder and CTO Barrett Lyon’s understanding of DDoS stretches back to his teenage years in the 1990’s when he operated IRC chat servers – the focal point for the creation of today’s DDoS techniques. As the DDoS threat spread to businesses, he went on to pioneer defenses for a variety of companies, including online wagering and one of the largest insurance companies. This led to his pursuit of hackers operating as part of the Russian mob, as chronicled in the best-selling book, Fatal System Error by Joseph Menn. After founding Prolexic Technologies, Lyon founded two successful companies focused on streaming digital content on the web.

7. Low & Transparent Pricing

We have used the most modern network technology available to build the biggest new DDoS mitigation solution on the market. In addition we have developed several proprietary technologies to manage and route large expensive network traffic volumes. Moreover, our new technologies automate many of the processes that inferior solutions can only accomplish with costly manual intervention. When combined, we have a very low cost per packet to mitigate DDoS attacks. As the low cost producer, we can pass on these savings to our customer.

What’s more, unlike traditional DDoS mitigators, if you are unlucky enough to have frequent DDoS attacks, we will not charge you more for large attack traffic volumes.  Such hidden and unplanned costs for ongoing attacks make budgeting impossible. We will give you a fixed monthly fee which includes all the charges for “bad” or attack traffic.



About Defense.Net

Founded by Barrett Lyon, who created the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation industry more than 10 years ago, Defense.Net has combined the top minds in the DDoS space with breakthrough new technologies designed to effectively address today’s and tomorrow’s DDoS mitigation challenges. It is the only company built to stand behind the traditional market leaders to defend businesses and organizations against this new generation of massive and sophisticated DDoS attacks while delivering the highest levels of Internet application.

With increasing threats from the escalating scale and complexity of DDoS attacks and a growing number of antagonists willing to use them, Defense.Net protects organizations from modern attacks by providing end-users with a seamless experience as if no attack were occurring. Defense.Net is backed by investors that include visionary security and Internet investor Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP).