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Webinar: DDoS Methods of Defense – Mitigating Current & Future DDoS Attacks

on-air4Date: June 04, 2014
Time: 9:00AM PST / 12:00Noon EST / 5:00PM GMT
Duration: 45 Minutes

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Join this informative and interactive webinar to learn about the new breed of DDoS attacks plaguing organizations around the globe. Understand the steps you can take, as well as technology that is available today to help you combat current and future attacks. You don’t even have to leave your desk to take part!

  • • Learn about today’s DDoS cyber-threat landscape, with focus on NTP Amplification, DNS Reflection & SYN Flood Attacks
  • • Understand the changing make-up of tomorrow’s increasingly sophisticated hybrid attacks
  • • Hear how Defense.Net’s new mitigation techniques, methodologies, technology and team can help
  • • Share your priorities and challenges during a live chat Q&A

The recent wave of DDoS attacks share traits including growth in size, complexity, severity and volume. Regardless of the targeted industry sector, what all of these attacks have in common is their increasing effectiveness and method diversity.
Interestingly, it appears the primary target audience has changed. While previously larger attacks were frequently aimed at banks and financial services organizations, we have seen a shift to include SaaS and web-based media businesses, showing that attackers are not discriminatory.
Moreover, today’s hybrid DDoS attacks frequently function as a ‘smokescreen’ to divert attention from other attack vectors.


The First 10 To Register & Attend Receive a FREE Book

The first 10 delegates to register and attend receive a signed copy of the book ‘Fatal System Error – The hunt for the new crime lords who are bringing down the internet’ by Joseph Menn. Cybersecurity reporter Menn examines cybercrime, exposing the bad guys while telling exciting stories about two intrepid investigators – Barrett Lyon, a U.S.-based “white hat” security hacker, as well as founder and CTO of Defense.Net, and Andy Crocker, a British cybersecurity agent – who have successfully waged war against cybercriminals.

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